Traditional Running 21K 2016



This year 2016, as has been customary for many consecutive years, our tradition Dojo Eduardo Riveros comes back with December Traditional trot 21K. If you have any question, you can communicate with us.


Shirt: 10th. Run 21K "Dojo Eduardo Riveros"- Size for Woman, Man and Children

“10th. Christmas Traditional Run" Dojo Eduardo Riveros 21K (10K, 5K and 3K) Sunday 18 December 2016

Commemorative flannel to this event tradition, where we will spend as in previous years entertaining while and say goodbye this old year as only the Dojo Eduardo Riveros knows how to do… sweating, jogging, overcoming obstacles, drawn goals, growing, sharing, supporting as family. This year we will do the honors to the Kanji based on our Shoko Sato´s master, "adelante, sí se puede" making reference, to that inner voice that emerges from a martial artist when you fall down and you must raise again and come on, when everything is adverse, when you face new challenges, changes when you need that internal strength and mental overcomes it all…

"A well practitioner of Karate Do, has a serenity in personality which is perceived beyond the trainings within the dojo and it is in the constant search in each practice and in the self-control everyday life, in addition to learning honorable, behavior manners, preparing our body and mind for a future and learn how to prepare to overcome diseases, obstacles or situations that are reducing dramatically our talents.

This is an integral part of learning Karate Do and it is our guiding. The Karate Do neither becoming us into supermen or superwomen , nor in war machines whose only purpose is to fight against an adversary, when we understand that the greatest adversary of us ourselves. The Path of Karate Do, it is a long journey that makes us stronger as we move"

Go ahead, you can do it!